Viktor Putlova
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Stabbed to death by Jax Teller
Gender Male
Faction Russian Mafia
Title Leader
Portrayed by Keith Szarabajka

Viktor Putlova was the leader of the Russian Mafia in California.

Season ThreeEdit

After Jimmy O'Phelan flees to California, he hires Putlova and the Russian Mafia to protect him from SAMCRO and the True IRA. However, Putlova turns on O'Phelan after being promised two million dollars from SAMCRO in exchange for O'Phelan. Putlova has O'Phelan's right hand man, Donny, killed and then makes the deal.

After handing over O'Phelan, Putlova realizes the money is fake and pursues SAMCRO, but is forced to turn around because of an ATF roadblock.

Season FourEdit

Sometime during SAMCRO's incarceration, Putlova has Jax Teller stabbed by Ivo Alexei in retaliation for the double-cross.

After SAMCRO's release, he, along with two other members of the Russian Mafia, attend Opie Winston's wedding. Putlova is led into the forest under the pretence of an arms deal, but is turned on after Clay Morrow and Tig Trager shoot and kill his bodyguards. Putlova himself is then stabbed multiple times in the stomach by Jax Teller, killing him.

Deaths orderedEdit

  • Donny - Shot by Russian hitmen on Putlova's orders as part of a deal with SAMCRO. (NS)

Behind the ScenesEdit

An obvious oversight by the show's writers, "Putlova" is in fact a female form of the surname. Alternatively, it could be an indicator of a Ukrainian last name, which often end in the Cyrillic letter "о". When unstressed, as it would be in Putlova's last name, the letter can be transliterated to an "a" in the Roman alphabet.


Season 3 appearances
"SO" "Oiled" "Caregiver" "Home" "Turning and Turning"
"The Push" "Widening Gyre" "Lochán Mór" "Turas" "Fírinne"
"Bainne" "June Wedding" "NS"
Season 4 appearances
"Out" "Booster" "Dorylus" "Una Venta" "Brick"
"With An X" "Fruit For The Crows" "Family Recipe" "Kiss" "Hands"
"Call of Duty" "Burnt and Purged Away" "To Be, Act 1" "To Be, Act 2"

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