Venus Bell, aka Vincent Bell, was a transsexual drug dealer in Stockton on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actress Jazzmun, Venus shot and killed officer Vic Trammel, and appears only on the episode "Gilead" in the series' second season.



Season 2Edit


Opie gets Vic Trammel's help for framing Bell. He watches as Venus parks her SUV and enters a liquor store. While Trammel watches from his car, Opie jimmies open the SUV's door and plants the baggie of drugs under the driver's seat. Venus exits the store, and drives away; Trammell follows and pulls her over. Opie watches from a distance. Trammel approaches the SUV; a shot is fired and Trammel goes down. Venus speeds away; Opie rushes to the Sheriff’s aid, and uses the police radio to report an “officer down".

It is later stated that Trammel "didn't make it".

The Black Guerrilla Family prison gang leader, Russell (Laroy's cousin) promised the Sons protection in exchange for helping deliver two traitors, Venus being one of them.

Murders CommittedEdit


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