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Unholy Ones Patch - What does it stand for ?

  • Unholy Ones -

    This patch might not be a patch that states a member has killed for the club, The Men of Mayhem seems to have that one covered. Such as when Juice killed Eric Miles, he was rewarded with the M.O.M. patch, also Jax, Opie, Montez and half of the entire club not just SAMCRO has the M.O.M. patch. It is more likely that the Unholy Ones are used for murder like hired hitmen or are experts in getting someone to talk; torturing. Happy and Clay both hold or in Clay's case held the patch of Unholy Ones. Above this sectino of the SOA Dictionary is the Mayhem post, which states that the murder of someone for the club is awarded with the M.O.M. post, although not in those exact words. But it seems that people who don't blink when murdering someone is more sutiable for the Unholy Ones patches, if not then Tig and maybe Jax would have had one before season one, when Clay and Happy already did. but as Tig balked at killing the witness that could testify against Bobby in court in season one, and Jax never killing anyone in cold blood before like he did with ATF Agent Josh Kohn. Futhermore to the fact that Unholy Ones are to an extent Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club's own hitmen; Happy killed Marcus' son. However there is evidence to be put against this theory such as, Opie's killing of the Mayan, whom Tig and Clay had pinned Donna's death on in Season Two, and Jax's murder of Aj Weston, Opie's revenge against ATF Agent June Stahl, and Chibb's personal revenge against True Irish Republican Army member Jimmy 'O' O'Phelan, as well as several more killings in a similar way throught the show, against Prison guards, Prison inmates, Russian gang members and more. This show that the Unholy Ones patch is still undetermined but can be credited and associated with cold blooded acts of brutality and murder or then again an number of murders committed by the club member for the club; but that seems unlikely given the club's motto 'Brains before Bullets' but then again as Happy has got the patch who knows.

    What do you guys think ?

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    • Unholy Ones patch refers to a member who has killed another member for the sake of the club.

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    • But that does not explain why Tig has not received/gained the Unholy Patch. As a Sergeant-At-Arms, Tig is a likely person to have killed for the club, but then so as Juice in Season Four killing Miles. - BTW, I posted the first comment on this post.

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    • I recognized the number, lol.

      Tig didn't get it, because he never killed another member. Juice might have gotten it, but the MoM flash was just to put his head in place with the club. Jax should get it, once Clay dies, if he does. He might not have pulled a trigger, but he set him up for death, same as Tig.

      Happy has earned his. Some of those Happy Face tats are for members.

      Clay took out McGee, Piney, JT, but none of them earned him his flash. He's killed many members before them. The way I've been writing my perquel story, Redwood Nine, Clay killed, or had killed, all of the First Nine, except Lenny, who he set up and Piney, who was too smart for him to kill, until that fateful night.

      Members go bad and need taken care of. The Unholy Ones are those who will kill a club member for the sake of the club, as opposed to killing anyone else, which none are opposed to. Hard to pull a trigger on a brother, but as we've seen, rule breaking comes with harsh penalties.

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    • Thanks, like I said in my first post on the thread, i thought it was something to do with 'cold' murder

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    • I think it may mean that you put the clubs behalf above loyalty towards individual members?

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    • Unholy ones Is a patch used by the real Hells Angels, If you notice Happy is the only member to wear the patch.  In real Happy as well as Quinn are accually true members of the Hells Angels.

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    • Happy is not the only one to wear the Unholy Ones patch, Clay wears it onhis belt line, on the left side.

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    • but happy "lost" that patch once promoted into Sgt-at-Arms, not even on his belt line

      what is up with the unholy ones, its actually a very cool-ish title

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    • The unholy patch means they have proven they would sacrifice themselves for the club...juice got the men of mayhem patch after killing miles, so the comment above doesn't make sense that it's for killing another member.

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    • A Fandom user
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