• I like season 3 a lot!!

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    • Season Three has had the best finale! ,Stahl and Jimmy O, Meet the Men Of Mayhem.

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    • not this one.

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    • season 2 hands down the best. non-stop action in every episode. the constant tension and fighting between all the cast members. the acting. i think the thing about season 3 is that there was too much going on and it seemed to sort of dilute the story telling and the acting. i would say the only other season that can hold its own against season 2 would be season 4.

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    • Season 2 was the best in my opinion, I agree that Season 3 had the best finale though.

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    • I can't say I really HATED any of the seasons, but I'd rank it like this, from memory, best to worst:

      1. Season 4 (almost every episode had something interesting going for it)

      2. Season 3 (loved the finale, and the ireland episodes)

      3. Season 6 (did almost everything right where Season 5 faltered, and ended on a gut-wrenching finale)

      4. Season 2 (I wanted to see that Ethan Zobelle asshole die)

      5. Season 1 (wasn't a horrible season, but the episodes kinda dragged on after awhile, and almost became formulaic in a sense)

      6. Season 5 (started out great, then it got kinda mediocre after the first five episodes)

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    • season 4. 

      Great season with a lot of action and turns. Bad finale though. 

      Season 6 sucks. 

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    • Season 3 all the way. Then Season 1, and Season 4.

      Season was the one with more action and more interesting moments in between the ruckus. Season 2 was good, but has kind of the same problem as Season 4, it takes too long to get anywhere at all.

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    • season 4

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    • Season 2

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    • Season 4

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    • season 5 is the best, it has shootouts, fist fights, chase scenes, ambush scenes, and bloodshed galore lol

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    • Season 4: Intense all the way thourgh. Strong inner conflict within the gang, and the cartel was in interesting plotline. Although the ending is a ridiculous cop-out, but did ultimately work out in later seaosns

      Season 2: The Nazi's were strong villains. Conistenstly strong throughout with a fantastic finale. 

      Season 5: Strong character arcs, specifically for Jax. But the main pot was too unfocused. Jimmy Smits was a fantastic addition to the cast.

      Season 1: Disjointed first half, but did a great job of introducing the characters, and ended with a much imporved 2nd half. 

      Season 3: The finale was great, actually the best episode of the show. But other than a few cool moments in Irleand  the the season was incredably dull. 

      Season 6: Bad. The episodes were all extra long, but they were extra long to be filled with long scenes of staring, and brooding. This seaosn was flled with pointless and terrible filler. The 11th episode and the last 10 of the seaosn were good. The rest not so much. 

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    • Season 6

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    • Season 6 was awesome. IDK how so many ppl disagree. The first 4 episodes revolved around Toric and then Otto killed him in the most awesome way possible.  The next 6 episodes were all about SAMCRO's efforts to separate themseleves from the gun trade and the IRA, while also trying to escape the heat of the school shooting. Then Clay and Galen O'Shea die in what was an incredible episode.  And IMO, the season 6 finale was the second best finale next to season 3's finale which is the best SOA episode hands down. ("HeyHey My My" soundtrack while Opie blows Stahl's head off. Incredible!!)

      Season 2,3, & 4 are the best SOA seasons but i still don't get why season 6 gets such a bad rep.

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    • Season 3 is by far the WORST

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    • Season3 finale I think is some of the best TV ever, amazing. Not the best series for me tho.

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    • Not sure about a definitive ranking, but:

      Season 3 is the worst for me. Just a horridly boring season that accomplished nothing, other than finally giving Jax more of a hint with what happened with JT. But that could have been accomplished in 1 episode. It did a great job with that finale, though.

      Season 4 was pretty bad for me as well. The stuff with the weird DA pretty much fell flat on its face, and the twist at the end of the Cartel/CIA stuff just made the whole season completely pointless. The Clay stuff was pretty good.

      I really liked Season 5. Jax becoming president and seeing his first fuckups with his occasional brilliance was fun. The Tig stuff was great. Other than his OHHH BABY NOOOOO part.

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    • 1 - Season 3

      2 - Season 2

      3 - Season 7

      4 - Season 4 ("You gotta be shittin' me!")

      5 - Season 6

      6 - Season 1

      7 - Season 5

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    • 1. Season 2. 

      2. Season 4.

      3. Season 1.

      4. Season 7.

      5. Season 5.

      6. Season 3.

      7. Season 6.

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    • In my opinion the show had its ups and downs, some seasons were great while some were not so great with a few bright sparks. My favourite Season would have to be 2, it had tension between our Sons, Gemmas emotional struggle and the finale was excellent (disappointed that Zobelle lived).

      Season 4 is second because every episode was jam-packed with Mayem, it also done a great job of beginning Juice's story arc (one of the best in the show). I would have ranked this as Number 1 but the finale was a big let down with the writers deciding not to kill Clay. Another amazing season

      Season 6: I was one of not many who rather enjoyed this season, it had a great arc with Jax going up against the IRA, I wasn't a fan of the Toric story to be honest, I also thought that killing was a massive let down after several years of wanted him dead! What really makes this season great is the finale and how it went about setting Jax up for his demis. A solid season in my opinion. 

      Season 1: The one that started it all! The first few episodes did a great job of showing us how the Club lived and did a great job of introducing the characters. The first half of the season was forgettable to me but the second half gave us our first dose of Clay being just Clay. The finale was great but as I said, the first couple of episodes were forgettable and it was not Sons at its best. Still a worthy addition to the Show.

      Season 7: I would not even rank this at all if it wasn't for the last three episodes which were some of the best the show has produced. The season consisted of extra long episodes that was not really needed until the final three. It did a great job of tying up everything and giving Jax the send off many of us expected some years back. I found myself force-watching the first couple of episodes and the decision to kill off ***** in Episode 9 was purely for shock value and added nothing to the story for me. A rather average season that was saved at the last minute by episodes 11-13 

      Season 3: I think the main problem with Season 3 was that it failed to live up to the amazing second season, I found the whole Salazar plot dumb and thought the character was just a joke, the Ireland episodes were rather good (myself being Irish!) and the finale was one of the best episodes of the show. Sadly the previous episodes could not live up to the Finale which was a shame because it was amazing. Still a Season I could watch and enjoy but I wouldn't pick it ahead of the others above it.

      Season 5: The season I have watched the least, this Season did not really connect with me at all. Everything felt out of place for me, Damon Pope was another Zobelle and I never felt anything when he was killed. No satisfaction like I did when I saw Jimmy O die. The first four episodes were solid additions to the series, I enjoyed watching Jax lead SAMCRO for the first time and the death of Opie truly broke my heart. After they gave him his emotional sendoff. The plot began to get bland for me, I was not intersted in the Nomads and was frustrated to see Clay live a little longer. This season did give us some good things, the addition of Jimmy Smits as Nero was a fantastic choice by Sutter and I liked the last couple of minutes of the finale, it took bigs steps towards moving the show into its final phase. Another exceptional addition to the series but not up to the standard of the show. 

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    • Season 4 Season 3 Season 5 Season 1 Season 6 Season 2 Season 7

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