Sons of Anarchy

Trivia Time

  • 1) How many songs has Katey Sagal sung on the show? What are they?

    2) What is the order of joining, of the First 9?

    3) How many Hells Angels members have appeared on the show?

    4) How many times has Jax and Tara been aressted together?

    5) What was the outfit JT and Piney were in, in Vietnam?

    6) Since 1968, how many Sons have died that are known?

    7) How many charters are there?

    8) Who was originally cast as Clay?

    9) Who was originally cast as a club memeber, but given a more pivotal role instead?

    10) What is the year, make and model of JT's bike?

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    • 1.Not sure, but I know she sang one per season

      2.J.T. and Piney, Lenny, and Clay was the last.

      3.Four... Five if Kurt Sutter is (And I think he is, damn it!)

      4.Jax has been arrested at least four times. One in season two, again at Season three's end, and in Season five. Prior to the show, we know he was arrested once, given the mugshot on the wall. Tara has been arrested once, so totaled together, five.

      5. Not sure.

      6. Seven of the First 9. Then Half-Sack (if you want to count him), Miles, Piney, Kozik, Opie, Greg, GoGo and Frankie of SAMCRO. Outside of SAMCRO, Liam, Chibs' nephew, Little Paul, and Armando. So altogether, 19 members have died.

      7. Somewhere in the hundreds?

      8. Scott Glenn.

      9. Emilio Rivera, as Hawk, later became Alvarez.

      10.Not sure.

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    • Need a better answer for 1, need the other 5 for 2, Correct and I agree on Kurt, has close ties for 3, Jax and Tara dates since teens and racked up a number of charges together, before she left Charming for 4, my son says not sure, or I don't know and I tell him it's not the right answer, lol for 5, correct on 6, not even close on 7, correct on 8, he's seen in the 1st episode and didn't delete his scene, correct on 9, it's out there, gotta look hard for some of them.

      Not bad Le Rus, glad you tried them.

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    • Hey, I'm glad you cared enough to make it :D

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