Sons of Anarchy

Final episodes of SoA Season 7

  • Here's how I would like to see Kurt finish the series in season 7.

    Ep.12. A taxi pulls up to the clubhouse door and a man gets out. The cab turns around and leaves, while the man stands there for a moment and puts a denim cut on. The camera stays tight to him, so only he cut is seen, as he walks to the door. Camera shot from the lounge area and the guys sitting there and playing pool, looking at the door and the figure obscured by the sunlight behind him.

    He steps forward and they see it's Lenny. He was released from prison, because Lowen discovered evidence in his case that afer DNA testing, proved without a doubt that he couldn't have shot the 3 agents. They welcome him in and show him around the place and he begins to reminice about the first days, when hey were building it up and getting it going.

    Jax gets the keys to Piney's trike and Lenny rides it, along with Jax to the cemetery to visit all of his old friends. They talk about the first days of riding and Lenny asks Jax if JT ever sat down and talked about it all. Jax admits he never had the time, betwen growing up with his buddy Opie and getting his own bike, he couldn't sit still long enough for him to tell him much of anything. The episode ends with them at the cemetery, sitting  talking, near JT's grave, as the camera pans out to show the entire site.

    Episode 13 finale

    Lenny tells Jax he has lots of stories and memories he has of his dad, that will let him know who he was, as he knew him. Jax recalls all of the versions of his father, from his own writing in the journal, to letters to Maureen, to who Piney told him he was, to the man who killed him and called himself his father and now he was getting to know yet another side of John Thomas Teller. Lenny answers all the nagging questions of who did what to who, while he was still growing up. Jax lights up a joint and wihout thinking, passes it to Lenny, who looks at it and smiles. Jax realizes his faux pas and apologizes. Lenny tells him he smoked enough of it in the old days and tells him to go ahead and smoke it, while he tells him some more of the beginning. One thing that Jax has had suspicions about for a long time, are becoming clearer and clearer to him. Clay killed everyone of the first nine members himself, or had someone do it for him. His greed and envy drove him to do things, his time in Vietnam, turning him cold in his heart. Lenny starts back at the beginning of it all that first day in August of 1968. The scene fades away and the show ends.

    The start of the prequel is the conclusion of that scene for ten minutes, then it's all about the show from there, First Nine or ? 

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