Thomas Teller II is the infant son of Tara and Jax Teller on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American twin child actresses Sophia and Victoria Markov, Thomas makes his debut on the episode "Out" in the series' fourth season. Playing a recurring role through the series' fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons, Thomas is the younger half-brother of Abel Teller, and was last seen in the series' finale episode, "Papa's Goods", in the series' seventh, and final, season.



Thomas was born six to seven months after the men of SAMCRO started their fourteen month prison term in between seasons three and four, and was named after his late uncle. Although Jax couldn't be there for the birth, Gemma was in the delivery room when Thomas was born - a fact that Jax jokingly apologized for. Tara later took a newborn Thomas to meet his father for the first time in prison - after which Jax apologized to Tara for not being there, and promised that he'd never miss anything that important ever again. ("Second Son")

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Thomas is last seen with his brother being driven away from Charming by Wendy and Nero. It can be presumed they, along with Nero's son Lucius, are living on his uncle's farm in Norco.


Season 4 appearances
"Out" "Booster" "Dorylus" "Una Venta" "Brick"
"With An X" "Fruit For The Crows" "Family Recipe" "Kiss" "Hands"
"Call of Duty" "Burnt and Purged Away" "To Be, Act 1" "To Be, Act 2"
Season 5 appearances
"Sovereign" "Authority Vested" "Laying Pipe" "Stolen Huffy" "Orca Shrugged"
"Small World" "Toad's Wild Ride" "Ablation" "Andare Pescare" "Crucifixed"
"To Thine Own Self" "Darthy" "J'ai Obtenu Cette"
Season 6 appearances
"Straw" "One One Six" "Poenitentia" "Wolfsangel" "The Mad King"
"Salvage" "Sweet and Vaded" "Los Fantasmas" "John 8:32" "Huang Wu"
"Aon Rud Persanta" "You Are My Sunshine" "A Mother's Work"
Season 7 appearances
"Black Widower" "Toil and Till" "Playing with Monsters" "Poor Little Lambs" "Some Strange Eruption"
"Smoke 'em if You Got 'em" "Greensleeves" "The Separation of Crows" "What a Piece of Work is Man" "Faith and Despondency"
"Suits of Woe" "Red Rose" "Papa's Goods"
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