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Terri Honeyhill is the granddaughter of Janet Honeyhill on Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect, a mobile gaming experience created to complement the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Voiced by American actress Virginia Tucker, Bea makes her debut in the game's first episode, "Into the Breach".



Terri's mother is a meth/pole junkie living in L.A. and her grandmother took to keep her out of trouble. She and Clint Lancet lived together as kids with Janet for two years when Clint's dad, Jolly Roger Lancet was sent to prison. According to her nana; her and Clint would always be playing doctor and were like brother and sister during that time.

Episode 1:Into the BreachEdit

Terri sees Clint for the first time in ten years when her grandmother and her stop by the Lancets to get their power back on. When she is told to wait in the car she says to Clint she hopes to see him again.