Taryn Manning, born November 6, 1978 in Tucson, Arizona, is an American actress who plays the role of Cherry on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Making her debut on the episode "Patch Over" in the series' first season, Taryn plays a recurring role through the series' first and third seasons, and was last seen in the Season 3 episode "Fírinne".


Taryn Manning was born on November 6, 1978 in Tucson, Arizona. She is an American actress, fashion designer, singer-songwriter and the vocalist for electronic duo Boomkat. She is also co-owner of the clothing brand "Born Uniqorn". She got her first major role in 2001 as "Maddy" in Crazy/Beautiful. Her breakthrough role was "Nola", a prostitute in Memphis, Tennessee, in Hustle & Flow and was nominated by the Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Awards for Best Breakthrough Performance. The film also received a SAG award nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Cast.

Selected FilmographyEdit

  • 8 Mile as Janeane
  • Hustle & Flow as Nola
  • A Lot Like Love as Ellen Martin
  • Crossroads as Mimi
  • Orange Is the New Black as Tiffany 'Pennsatucky' Doggett
  • Crazy/Beautiful as Maddy
  • Unbeatable Harold as Sandy
  • Waking Madison as Margaret


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