The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for discipline within the chapter's jurisdiction. He typically sits to the right of the President at the table and serves as the President's right hand, as well as the last line of defense between danger and the President.

List of known Sergeant-at-ArmsEdit



  • Liam O'Neill - Former Sgt-at-Arms under Keith McGee at SAMBEL. Executed for betraying the club.
  • Little Paul - Former Sgt-at-Arms at SAMTAZ. Murdered by Huff and Benny.
  • Benny - Former Sgt-at-Arms at SAMTAZ. Was excommunicated from the club along with Huff for murdering Little Paul and blackmailing Reggie.
  • Herman Kozik - Former Sgt-at-Arms at the Tacoma charter. Transferred to SAMCRO and was later killed when he stepped on a land mine during a shootout with the Lobos Sonora Cartel.

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