Sam Situmorang is an American actor who played the role of Asian #3 on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Making his debut on the episode "Giving Back" in the series' first season, Sam plays the role of an unnamed man of Asian origin. He appears once more, on the episode "Caregiver" in the series' third season.


Selected FilmographyEdit

  • Ready 2 Die as Truck Driver
  • Blood Ransom as Cop
  • Guerrilla Garden as Asian Gardener
  • Criminal as Foxhole Thug
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Little Bobby
  • CSI: NY as Felipe Zacharias
  • Banshee as Hakan
  • Warlock's Magic: The Series as Cult Hoodsman


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Appearances-Logo-SOA Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "Seeds" "Fun Town" "Patch Over" "Giving Back"
"AK-51" "Old Bones" "The Pull" "Hell Followed" "Better Half"
"Capybara" "The Sleep of Babies" "The Revelator"
Appearances-Logo-SOA Season 3 appearances
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