The Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Tucson, Arizona Charter (better known as SAMTAZ), is a charter of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club located in Tucson, Arizona. Unlike all the other known charters, their members wear old-fashioned denim kuttes, rather than leather cuts.


Vice President Huff and Sergeant-at-Arms Benny made an alliance with local skinheads to sell their meth behind the club’s back. Reggie began sleeping with Little Paul’s old lady, Ellen, and Huff found out. Reggie and Little Paul shook down a skinhead meth lab and learned the truth about who set it up. Huff and Benny killed Little Paul and pinned the murder on Mexicans gangbangers. Afterwards, Huff forced Reggie to leave the charter using knowledge of his affair with Ellen, who would also be shunned, as leverage. With both of them gone, Huff and Benny brought the meth deal to the table, and SAMTAZ voted it in legitimately. Meanwhile, SAMCRO began muling cocaine for the Galindo Cartel, paying SAMTAZ to do protection runs.

Season 4Edit

SAMTAZ meets with SAMCRO at the Mexican border, and they are recruited for extra muscle for a meeting with the Galindo Cartel. A trucker who owes them money shows up, causing the Redwood Originals to learn they have been dealing meth. SAMTAZ President Armando bristles up against SAMCRO President Clay Morrow when he refuses the mother charter’s orders to shut down their meth operations. SAMTAZ and SAMCRO go to meet with the Cartel, but they are followed by the authorities, who they blow up a grease truck in order to escape.

Clay brings the truth before SAMTAZ, revealing that they tracked down Reggie to find out the circumstances of Little Paul's death and his departure from the club. With Achey, one of the skinheads, to back up his claims, Clay accuses Huff and Benny of all their crimes, starting a fight. Huff and Benny are excommunicated. After that, the charter votes on dealing meth again, but it passes unanimously.

SAMTAZ continues to run protection for SAMCRO and the Galindo Cartel. A rival cartel, the Lobos Sonora Cartel, captures Armando and decapitates him. When SAMTAZ can’t find him, they reach out to SAMCRO. The Lobos put Armando’s head in a duffel bag, along with those of three Mayans, and gives it to SAMCRO as a message. The rest of his body is later found in a truck and sent back to Tucson.

Known MembersEdit


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