Ryu Tom (Chinese: 刘某汤姆) is a member of the Lin Triad on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actor Ron Yuan, Ryu makes his debut on the episode "Black Widower", in the series' seventh season. Playing a recurring role through the series' seventh, and final, season, Ryu was last seen in the Season 7 episode "Red Rose".



Season 7Edit

"Black Widower"Edit

Ryu Tom is introduced in Black Widow which Henry Lin states that he was number 2 to Lin's Uncle. He is seen at Jax's welcome home party.

"Playing with Monsters"Edit

In Playing with Monsters, he talks with Jax, Chibs and Bobby about the Chinese raid in Selma and discovering the kilo of heroin that was left behind. Jax tells him that there were ex-peckerwoods had meth to sell and anything they could steal, but in secret Jax and the MC where at war with the triads believing that they were responsible for Tara Knowles Teller's death. Ryo informs them that they would look into the problem, but were ok for now.

"Poor Little Lambs"Edit

In Poor Little Lambs, Lin finally knows the MC was responible for the attacks on the Triads. In retaliation, they raid a SAMCRO warehouse at the docks, taking their guns and killing SAMCRO member Orlin West. Ryu and a few triads are at Diosa claiming they had a long day and ask for drinks. Ryu contacts Nero Padilla saying, "Mr. Lin appreciates all your efforts in getting everyone together. What happens at Diosa will impact you. But it's meant for the Sons of Anarchy." Ryu and his goons kill everyone including Colette Jane.

"Some Strange Eruption"Edit

In Some Strange Interuption, Lin and Ryu capture Jax and Chibs, demanding their heroin back, but are one short. Lin is pulled over by Charlie Barosky's cops and are pinned to the fence while Jax fights Lin seeking revenge. But before Jax delivers the final blow, The San Joaquin County Sheriff Department arrives and arrest Lin, Ryu and all the Triads for drug and gun possession.

"Red Rose"Edit

Ryu returns in Red Rose, as a Stockton inmate with the remaining triads, having learned that Lin was killed by former member Juice Ortiz with the help of Aryan shotcaller Ron Tully. He has Juice anally raped and orders him to kill Tully. All this backfires when the prisoners start a riot in the cafeteria, and Juice is killed by Tully.     

Murders CommittedEdit


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