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Ryder Londo
Character Abel Teller(SOA) Gene Draper(MM)
Birth Place California
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity White
Appearances Abel Teller - List of Appearances
Ryder Londo 2016

Ryder Londo 2016

Evan and Ryder Londo 2016

Evan(Left) and Ryder(right) Londo 2016

Evan and Ryder Londo at Space City Comic Con May 201600:07

Evan and Ryder Londo at Space City Comic Con May 2016

Ryder Londo is a child actor that played Abel Teller on Sons of Anarchy from 2012 to 2014. Ryder also played Gene Draper on Mad Men from 2010 t0 2015. Both of these roles Ryder shared with his identical twin brother Evan Londo.

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