The Pirelli Crime Family is an Italian American Mafia family and organized crime syndicate based in Reno, Nevada. Described as a “quiet crew,” they run bookkeeping and poker clubs. The current head of the family is Leo Pirelli.


Season 5Edit

The Pirelli Crime Family is contacted by excommunicated SAMCRO member Frankie Diamonds, who pays them for protection and is hidden in Leo’s fishing cabin at Lake Cascade with Petey.

When the Sons come to Reno looking for Frankie, they show up at one of the Family’s poker clubs. Hank refuses to allow them entry with their MC patches on, starting a brawl. When they tell Leo that Frankie has much more money than he told the Family, and that it was stolen from the True IRA and the Galindo Cartel, he agrees to lead them to Frankie.

Leo calls Petey and brings him up to speed on the situation. When Frankie finds out that SAMCRO is on the way, he shoots Petey to death. Later, the Sons crash a van into the cabin. When Leo arrives and finds Petey dead, he immediately shoots Frankie in the head. Leo agrees to call it even if the Sons compensate him for the damage to his club and cabin.

Known MembersEdit



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