"I hope so. 'Cause if Leo found out you were lying about the cash, like maybe you got a lot more, that would be bad."
―Petey, to Frankie Diamonds[src]

Petey is a member of the Pirelli Crime Family on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actor Freddy Andreiuci, Petey appears only on the episode "Andare Pescare" in the series' fifth season.



Season 5Edit

"Andare Pescare"Edit

Petey is assigned by Leo Pirelli to stay with Frankie Diamonds, who is hiding in Pirelli’s fishing cabin at Lake Cascade. Later, Petey gets a call from Pirelli, who tells him that Frankie stole a lot more money from SAMCRO than they were initially informed, and that the Sons are on their way. When Petey questions Frankie about the money and tells him that SAMCRO is coming for him, Frankie shoots him in the head and chest, killing him. ("Andare Pescare")


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