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Clay's jacket, with his patches.


This patch indicates that its wearer is a President - the leader of a charter or chapter.

First 9

This patch is only worn by the nine founding members of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club.

V. President

Indicates that its wearer is the Vice President of a charter.


This patch indicates that its wearer is the "Sergeant-at-Arms" of a charter. The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for discipline and security within a charter. He also serves as a bodyguard for the President protecting him from danger - he is almost always at the side of the President.


This patch is worn by the Secretary. He is in charge of information and bookkeeping. 

Road Captain

This patch is worn by the Road Captain. He is responsible for organizing the route the charter takes on rides, ensuring the safety of club members on the road and ensuring discipline while on rides. There is no Road Captain in the Charming chapter.

Men of Mayhem

The Men of Mayhem patch is given to a member who has shed blood in the interests of the club. A reference to the SOA term "Mister Mayhem" (Death). Known wearers of the Men of Mayhem patch include Jax Teller, Opie Winston, Juice Ortiz, Allesandro Montez, Rane Quinn, Orlin West, Clay Morrow, Herman Kozik and many other patched members seen in the show.

Redwood Original

Charter name of the mother club.


Charming, CA

Worn by members of the Charming Chapter. Worn on the Right by the belt.

Sons Of Anarchy

Identifies club membership.

Unholy Ones

The patch is worn by those who are willing to sacrifice loyalty to individual club members for the overall good of the club. Worn by Clay, Happy, Kozik, West, Jury (Indian Hills), Seamus Ryan (SAMBEL) and Benny (SAMTAZ). Also on the bottom left side of Clay's Vest. (Given to longstanding members, those who will "fight to the last breath" or die SoA.) Another school of thought regarding this patch is that it is given to a member who kills another member on behalf of the club.


Someone hopeful for club membership, who rides with the club during a probationary period. A unanimous club vote must be cast by the membership to earn a full patch.


Hang Around

(A "hang around" is the first of various levels of membership in an MC) A hang around is described as friendly to the organization but is not an actual member yet. They typically go to parties, buy the t-shirts and try to make contacts within the organization to help boost their membership level. Hang Arounds also ride with the group whenever there is a ride but otherwise they don't get involved in the organization.


This patch shows that your a member of the Mayans

Los FielesEdit

Meaning "The Faithful Ones".

faithful, loyal, true; religious; accurate; dependable  

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