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Clay's kutte, with his patches.

Patches are stitched on the vests of the motorcycle club members. Patches can represent club association, club position and other club related details. Sons of anarchy

Sons of AnarchyEdit

Bikers have a lot of patch types to differentiate between other clubs or to identify hierarchies between the same members of one.

  • one "color" patch: as we see it in belfast the redwood club use a hoodie with only one patch with the "reaper". These patches are used by bikers to identify small groups.
  • vest patches : These patches are divided into three parts that form a single called full colors;
  1. top rocker: this is located at the top of the back is a curved patch that contains the name of the club.
  2. colors: this is the logo or image of the club, this is where we found the "reaper" with the "rifle-scythe".
  3. rocker: this tell us from where the biker is from. It could be the city where is from or If he's a nomad.

To identify the hierarchy or the history of the biker they use in the front of their vest the "patch badges" as a military form they use a:

  1. President: This patch is given to the MC leader, the one who guides the Club.
  2. Vice president / V. President: President's right hand, is one of the hierarchical pillars and has the function of supervising all existing positions within the Club.
  3. Sergeant at arms / SGT At Arms: To the left of the President, he is one of the men of confidence of this one and who stays faithful to the Club, the President and the ideals that this one can have. He watches over all the members and is in charge of protecting them, you could almost say he would give his life for each one.
  4. Treasurer/Secretary: Take notes at meetings, collect monthly fees and manage Club money.
  5. prospect: As its name indicates it is a prospect to belong to the MC. (at this period the prospect is not allowed to use the "color" and the "top rocker" patches, Until he is finally admitted he will be allowed to use them and be called "full colors") .
  • Men of Mayhem: Patch that is given to the member who has killed in the group name.
  • Side rocker: contains the name of the chapter or the aka, we see "samcro" (sons of anarchy motor club redwood originals) "samca" (sons of anarchy motor club Arizona) "sambel" (sons of anarchy motor club Belfast)

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