Pablo Espinosa
Pablo Espinosa
Character Officer Fain
Birthday September 9, 1969
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, USA
Gender Male
Hair Black
Ethnicity Hispanic-American
Appearances "Seeds", "Fun Town", "AK-51"

Pablo Espinosa is an American actor who portrays Officer Fain in FX's Sons of Anarchy.


Pablo Espinosa was born on September 9, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Pablo Alberto Espinosa. He attended military schools for 8 years (5th - 8th: Southern Cal. Military Academy; 9th- 12th: Riverside Military Academy). Graduated highest ranking Cadet (Lt. Col., Battallion Commander). Born to Cuban Parents that emigrated to the USA in 1959, during the Communist Revolution. He is the youngest of three boys.

Selected FilmographyEdit

  • Hollow Man as Ed, Warehouse Guard
  • The General's Daughter as Color Guard Commander
  • Mockingbird Lane as Paramedic
  • Boys on the Side as New Mexico Police
  • Rough Riders as Frederick Funston
  • Poet's War as Chief Ayala
  • Good Behavior as Bailiff
  • Slayer as Jimmy


External LinksEdit

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