Otto 'L'il Killer' Moran was a SAMCRO member on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actor Ryan Johnston, Otto was one of the First 9. He appears only in a flashback, in the series' first season.



Otto "L'il Killer" Moran, not to be confused with Big Otto Delaney who joined later (that's why he became "big" Otto), met Sons of Anarachy on a Memorial Day run in La Honda, California. L'il Killer was skinny, 5'7" on a good day, and was one fearless son of a bitch. Despite his size, he held a job as a bouncer at a bar in Modesto. He had heard about the Sons of Anarchy, and after meeting them in La Honda, he approached them and asked what he had to do to become a part of the club. John and the rest of the guys agreed to let him ride, see if he was worthy. He proved he was when he hooded the club up with several gigs as security to some up-and-coming music acts, making the club extra cash and some good connections. He got his nickname "L'il Killer" because it was rumored he once killed a 300-lb. man with his bare hands during a fistfight at a music festival. Like Uncle Tom, L'il Killer Moran was a great earner for the club, but he was also an avid gambler who had racked up a large debt. 1985, Otto "L'il Killer" Moran was found dead floating in the Sacramento River. Foul play was initially suspected but was never confirmed. ("Appisodes")

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