"I'm joining the Nomad Charter of the Sons. Means I'm still a member of the MC, just not attached to any one town… The rest of the nomads are spread out north. I attend church at different places, put a few more miles on my bike."
―Jax Teller on the Nomads[src]

The Sons of Anarchy Nomad Charter is a charter of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. It is unique in that it had no geographic base. In Season 5, the Nomads disband and its members join other charters.


John Teller, then President of SAMCRO, considered transferring to the Nomads to fix and/or escape his problems, though he ultimately decided against it. As such, they are discussed in his manuscript, The Life and Death of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way.

Season 1Edit

Happy Lowman, a member of the Tacoma Charter, states that he is considering going Nomad so that he can be closer to his mother, who lives at a hospice in Bakersfield.

Season 2Edit

Happy transfers from Tacoma to the Nomad Charter. He attends Bobby Munson’s homecoming party. Later, he goes on a charity run with SAMCRO, during which Tig Trager is captured by bounty hunters. Happy helps the others rescue their Sergeant-at-Arms.

Later, Happy serves as extra muscle when the Sons attack an Aryan Brotherhood recruitment rally at the Morada Christian Center. However, it turns out to be a trap set by Ethan Zobelle, and they are all arrested and taken to the San Joaquin Correctional Facility. Juice Ortiz is shanked in prison, though Happy and the others are bailed out before any harm can befall them.

Happy talks with several members of SAMCRO about the feud brewing between President Clay Morrow and Vice President Jax Teller. Later, Happy and a few of the Sons attempt to steal a shipment of guns from AJ Weston, an AB member and Zobelle’s lieutenant. However, they’re forced to flee when Aryan backup arrives with guns blazing.

Happy goes with several others to intimidate a judge into dismissing the case against the Lin Triad’s gun supplier. Later, when Clay needs reinforcements, he has Happy call in some more Nomads, and they attack the Nordics’ meth lab, burning it to the ground.

Happy arrives at the burned out Cara Cara porn studio, which Jax believes was the work of Clay, and declares that he is “going Nomad.” Nomad President Rane Quinn accepts his transfer, and SAMCRO votes to approve it as well, but events transpire to change his mind, and he remains a member of the Redwood Originals.

When SAMCRO brings in all nearby charters and their families to prepare for their war against the Aryan Brotherhood and the League of American Nationalists, several members of the Nomads show up. Happy participates in the fight against Aryan AJ Weston’s crew in the timberlands. He also helps during the attack on Zobelle and his Mayan escort, killing one of the Mayans.

Season 3Edit

Happy is present when SAMCRO destroys the boat Cameron Hayes used to kidnap Jax’s son, Abel. He helps them chase down the suspicious looking men who, it turns out, simply purchased the boat. He later attends Half Sack’s funeral, which is attacked by the Calaveras MC.

Happy goes with Piney Winston and Bobby Munson to visit Piney’s friend Honey, an Oregon-based scrip dealer, so that he can get prescription drugs for his mother. They find a gang of hillbillies ransacking the place, but, with reinforcements from SAMCRO and the Rogue River Charter, they take care of them. Honey gives Happy and the others their prescriptions free of charge as a token of appreciation. Later, he transfers to SAMCRO.

Season 5Edit

The Nomad Charter disbands, and its members join other charters. Rane Quinn transfers to Indian Hills, and Frankie Diamonds, GoGo, and Greg the Peg transfer to SAMCRO.



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