Mrs. Lancet
Vital statistics
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Marital Status Married
Spouse(s) Jolly Roger Lancet (husband)
Family Duke Lancet (son)
Clint Lancet (son)
Portrayed by

Mrs. Lancet is the wife of Jolly Roger and the mother of Duke and Clint


Mrs. Lancet was married to SAMLIN President Jolly Roger Lancet and has two sons with him named Duke and Clint. Her marriage to Roger wasn't always happy as according to Clint his dad would beat her and their son Duke and Roger states he had to. But Roger also told Clint that he loved her even when he beat her. She disappeared 15 years earlier during a war between the Sons and a rival gang. Roger keeps a newspaper article with her picture in a box with other personal items and Clint's college fund.

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