The Militia is a right-wing, anti-government terrorist group led by Vietnam veteran Nate Meineke. Based in a bunker in Woodbridge Forrest in northern California, they also have links to Mexico. The entire militia is wiped out when they are killed with a bomb by the Sons of Anarchy.


Nate Meineke and Frank Cison served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War in the same unit as Piney Winston, who went on the be a founding member of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Eventually, Nate started the Militia with the intent of starting a revolution, recruiting Frank and eventually his own son, Russell. At some point, Frank was arrested.

Season 1Edit

To rescue Frank from captivity, Nate contacts Piney, his old war buddy, to purchase several AK-47s at a discount. They use the guns to attack the prison convoy transporting Frank. Russell kills Deputy Saunders and two innocent bystanders. Though they manage to free Frank, Nate drops his cell phone at the scene, allowing the ATF to trace their crime to SAMCRO. As a result, President Clay Morrow is arrested and their clubhouse is raided. The Sons decide to kill the Militia to stop them from ratting when they inevitably get caught.

The Militia plans to flee to Mexico, so Nate contacts Piney to purchase more weapons. Unbeknownst to the Militia, the bags of guns that SAMCRO gives them are actually grain bags containing explosives. After confirming that there are no innocents in the Militia’s bunker, Piney regretfully allows them to leave. Opie Winston detonates the bomb, killing the entire Militia.

Known MembersEdit


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