Matthew Jennings
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Shot in the head by a security guard
Gender Male
Family Darvany Jennings (mother)
Portrayed by Tate Berney

Matthew Jennings was the troubled son of Darvany Jennings. He was responsible for a shooting rampage at a Catholic school where he killed four of his classmates, injured nine others and only ended when a security guard shot him in the head as Matthew was reloading.

Murders CommittedEdit

  • 4 unnamed students - Shot. ("Straw")
Season 6 appearances
"Straw" "One One Six" "Poenitentia" "Wolfsangel" "The Mad King"
"Salvage" "Sweet and Vaded" "Los Fantasmas" "John 8:32" "Huang Wu"
"Aon Rud Persanta" "You Are My Sunshine" "A Mother's Work"

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