Lupe 504
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Shot in the chest by Nero Padilla
Gender Male
Faction Byz Lats
Portrayed by Jorge-Luis Pallo

Lupe is a member of the Byz Lats that disapproved of Nero leaving Stockton.


Season FiveEdit

Lupe appears with Fiasco when looking for Emma Jean due to them thinking that she ratted them out. Lupe and Fiasco eventually find Jax and Chibs escorting Emma out on Nero's orders. After a small chase, they talk about letting SAMCRO finish Emma off. At first Lupe and Fiasco are hesitant, but after some convincing and their word that they'll give them a tit and a thumb, they leave. ("Stolen Huffy")

Lupe and other members of the Byz Lats argue with Nero about leaving Stockton. Renaldo states that he wants guns because Dante's crew is going to take their territory. They get into an argument due to what Renaldo says. Jax agrees to sell them some spare guns. Later on, after Jax is kidnapped, Nero believes it to be the Byz Lats that took him. He barges into the house and shoots Lupe in the chest with a shotgun. ("To Thine Own Self")


Season 5 appearances
"Sovereign" "Authority Vested" "Laying Pipe" "Stolen Huffy" "Orca Shrugged"
"Small World" "Toad's Wild Ride" "Ablation" "Andare Pescare" "Crucifixed"
"To Thine Own Self" "Darthy" "J'ai Obtenu Cette"

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