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The Lobos Sonora Cartel is a rival drug cartel against the Galindo cartel. The Lobos cartel is ruthless and a huge force against Galindo and anybody who helps Galindo. Lobos eventually attack SAMCRO because they are allied with the Galindo cartel. The Lobos attack SAMCRO in Charming by ramming the front gate and throwing a bag of heads under a car. The Lobos are eventually shown to be responsible for the death of many members of SAMTAZ and Mayans. The Lobos often murder and decapitate anyone who challenges them. Eventually Luis and Romeo with Galindo men and SAMCRO members attack a Lobos camp. They kill several Lobos members until they run across a landmine in which Kozik is blown up. Chibs and Jax then use the IRA's Rocket Propelled Grenades to push back the Lobos and allow the rest of SAMCRO to fall back. With the assistance of the Galindo Cartel, SAMCRO kill many of the Lobos and effectively remove their California base of operations.

Known MembersEdit



  • 5 unnamed members - Deceased

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