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The Lin Triad (Chinese: 林三合會) is a Chinese American organized crime syndicate based in San Francisco and led by Henry Lin. They run a prostitution and counterfeiting ring and launder their money through Chinese restaurants. When speaking in their native tongue, their members speak Cantonese, suggesting that they originate from Southern China or Hong Kong.

Chuck Marstein ran their books for them but eventually started skimming money from the gang. Chuck also happened to be a compulsive masturbator who stuck his hands in his pants whenever he got nervous. He was later arrested, and turned informant on several Triad members who were then imprisoned. He was also jailed, however, and was wanted by the Triad. He hired a number of Sons of Anarchy, who were also imprisoned in Stockton State Prison‏‎, to protect him from the Triad, promising to split the $416,000 he skimmed from the Triad. When he was released, the Sons of Anarchy still protected Chuck on the outside in return for information on where the Triads keep their money. When the Sons and Chuck went to a Triad-owned restaurant to retrieve the money, they discovered that the money Chuck has hidden was actually conterfeit, which Chuck knew. Henry Lin and his gang turned up and a shoot-out ensued. Both gangs eventually made a deal, however; the Sons handed over Chuck and the counterfeiting plates that Chuck had stolen, and the Triad paid off the Sons for their trouble.

In Season 2, Henry Lin contacts SAMCRO, offering to pay well-above street value for whatever guns SAMCRO could get the Triads. As a sign of good faith, Lin gave Chuck Marstein back to SAMCRO, which didn't exactly thrill Clay, although Chuck was now unable to masturbate since Lin had removed all but Chuck's index fingers.

In Season 3, Clay comes to Henry Lin for weapons for the Grim Bastards so they can continue their search and intel on Abel and Mayans. Henry Lin offers them MP5 for a high price but will accept Kara Kara's pornstars in exchange for the MP5. Clay accepts and they trade their girls for Lin's MP5's which shows their club's relationship. When Lin hosts a party which is broken up when Opie attacks one of Lin's henchmen who was having sex with Lyla which hurts Lin's and SAMCRO's relationship. Then Clay gets Henry to give him the MP5 in return for trade.

Known MembersEdit


  • Ryu Tom - Imprisoned
  • At least 3 Lin Triad members - Imprisoned


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