Lander Jackson
Lander Jackson
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Shot in the back by Edgar
Gender Male
Title Vice President
Portrayed by Marcello Thedford

Lander Jackson was the Vice President of the Grim Bastards MC.


Season ThreeEdit

Lander was shot to death in the back in his kitchen while he was eating breakfast and a knife was left buried in his skull. A knife in his head points to the Calaveras MC. T.O. Cross, the Grim Bastards' President and Lander's childhood friend, was ultimately able to get payback by killing his assassin, Edgar, the Calaveras Sergant at Arms.


Season 3 appearances
"SO" "Oiled" "Caregiver" "Home" "Turning and Turning"
"The Push" "Widening Gyre" "Lochán Mór" "Turas" "Fírinne"
"Bainne" "June Wedding" "NS"
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