Vital statistics
Status Alive
Gender Male
Faction SAMLIN
Title Sergeant at Arms
Club Status Active
Portrayed by Unknown
"That night your old man taught me a lesson, about brotherhood and honor."
―Knuckles to Clint about his father

Knuckles is a character from Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect game. He is also Sergeant-at-Arms.


Knuckles was 19 when he jumped ship and Portland Oregon and came to Lincoln when he heard about the strip club "Jolly Roger" ran by Sons of Anarchy member Roger Lancet. He began working for Roger and began bragging about doing it with a native American girl named Bethany Nightingale which was a lie he was telling. Bethany's family believed the lie and took Knuckles out to Party Rock and beat him up and held him over the edge until Roger and SAMLIN rode up and cleared up the misunderstanding. Knuckles was in debt to Roger and the Sons that he became a prospect and full patch member later. Roger taught him about brotherhood and honor that came with been a member.

The ProspectEdit

Knuckles is first seen in the prologue riding with Clint, Mittens, and Napoleon out to Party Rock to kill a unnamed member that had betrayed the club for an unknown reason. He tell Clint about his background as they lead the unnamed member to the Rock and gave Clint the gun to kill the traitor.

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