Katey Petrie was the wife of Mark Petrie on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actress Lilly McDowell, Katey makes her debut on the episode "Lochán Mór" in the series' third season. She meets her demise off-screen at the hands of Jimmy O'Phelan during her only other appearance, on the episode "Bainne", in the same season.



Season 3Edit

"Lochán Mór"Edit

She and Mark adopted Abel Teller from a Catholic orphanage in Belfast. Jax finds them, intent on taking Abel back. When he witnessed the love they were providing to young Abel, he ponders leaving them in their care. He leaves, willing to sacrifice his son in order for him to secure a future unlike his.


They were discovered by the Sons to have been gruesomely murdered by Jimmy O'Phelan during his kidnapping of Abel. Jax felt guilt-ridden for his inability to act earlier and in an act of grace, placed her body on the bed with her husband's, with her hand resting on his.


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