Karen Oswald
Karen 103
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Gender Female
Spouse(s) Elliott Oswald
Faction Oswald Family
Portrayed by Judith Hoag

Karen Oswald is the wife of Elliott Oswald, a wealthy and powerful resident of Charming. Unlike her husband, she is unwilling to consort with the Sons, regardless of the circumstances.


Season OneEdit

Karen is seen at Fun Town with her husband Elliott and daughter Tristen in the episode Fun Town. She seems eager to get away from Clay and the rest of the MC, though Elliott seems more willing to be seen with them. Later, she and Elliot are seen looking for Tristen in a panic, as she has disappeared from Fun Town.

Later, after Tristen had been admitted to the hospital, Karen lashed out at anyone who attempted to speak to her. After Gemma snuck into Tristen's room and got her to confess to her rape, Gemma confronted Karen, convincing her that forcing Tristen to keep the secret would do more harm than good. Karen finally "comes clean" to Gemma, identifying her daughter's rapist. Gemma relays the information to Jax, allowing the MC to take care of business.


Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "Seeds" "Fun Town" "Patch Over" "Giving Back"
"AK-51" "Old Bones" "The Pull" "Hell Followed" "Better Half"
"Capybara" "The Sleep of Babies" "The Revelator"

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