Jonathan Haddem
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Marital Status Husband
Spouse(s) Loutreesha Haddem (wife)
Family Grant McQueen (stepson)
Faction The Church
Title Pastor
Portrayed by Marc Lear
Jonathan Haddem is a pastor from Piedmont Grace, husband to Loutreesha Haddem, and stepfather of Grant McQueen. He plays a minor role in Season 7 as leverage to bring August Marks down.

Season 7 Edit

The Sons agreed to help track down the person responsible for killing three of the Grim Bastards' members. This led them to a motel where Pastor Haddem was having sex with a male and a female; all were gunned down by the Sons. Upon figuring out what the pastor's connection was to August Marks, they dig up the body and find a phone with only videos of Haddem's various affairs, one of which is with Venus Van Dam. The video with her is used as leverage against August Marks to tarnish Haddem's credibility. Marks needed Pastor Haddem to sell him back the land his church is on, which Damon Pope helped secure, and take him on as a partner to receive federal loans to build low income homes. The scheme was to deem the land dangerous or costly once they received the loans and keep the money since Haddem's church is a non-profit organization, all relying on his credibility.

Marks is later accused with the murder of Jonathan Haddem, being set up by the Sons.

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