"I haven't acted out sexually in over three years. I mean, all of these men will vouch for me. I'm a saved man."
―Johnny Yates, on his prayer group[src]

Johnny Yates is a convicted sex offender and former members of the Nordics on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actor Brett Wagner, Johnny appears only on the episode "Fun Town" in the series' first season.



Johnny Yates committed half a dozen sex crimes. He was also briefly a member of the Nordics, but “never fit in,” according to Ernest Darby. One night he pissed off Whistler, who broke his nose. Yates left the gang after that, and they never saw him again. He lived with his mother, a breeder of fighting dogs, in Pope. He eventually became a born again Christian and turned his life around.

Season 1Edit

Johnny Yates attends the carnival when it comes to Charming. Coincidentally, a 13 year old girl is raped there. SAMCRO suspects he was the culprit and track him down at his mother’s house, bursting in on a prayer group meeting. Yates tells them he wasn’t responsible, and they apologize.


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