Jeff Wincott, born May 8, 1956 in Toronto, Ontario, is a Canadian actor who played the role of Jimmy Cacuzza on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Making his debut on the episode "Seeds" in the series' first season, Jeff plays the role of the boss of the Cacuzza Crime Family. He and his family buy weapons from SAMCRO, and when one of the weapon shipments was late, the Sons hijacked a truck and gave the contents to the Mafia as a goodwill gesture. He appears in one episode in the series' fifth season, and was last seen on the episode "Huang Wu" in the series' sixth season.


Jeff was born in Toronto, Canada and attended Ryerson University for Theatre. He worked on stage in Anne Of A Thousand Days, Play It Again Sam, Romeo and Juliet and in the Toronto Premier of Martin Sherman's play Bent. He moved to New York to study with Stella Adler, Michael Kahn, and Eli Rill. Wincott's big break came as the Italian hot headed rookie Detective Frank Giambone in the TV series Night Heat for which he was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in A Drama Series.

Selected FilmographyEdit

  • Night Heat as Det. Frank Giambone
  • Unstoppable as Jesse - Will's Brother
  • The Invasion as Transit Cop
  • Prom Night as Drew
  • Street Law as John Ryan
  • Pressure Point as Rudy Wicker
  • Lake City as Leo
  • Big Deal as Ted Powers


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