Jason Matthew Smith, born November 8, 1972 in Indianapolis, Indiana, is an American actor who played the role of Ule on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Making his debut on the episode "Potlatch" in the series' second season, Jason plays the role of a member of the Aryan Brotherhood. Serving in AJ Weston's crew, and later replacing him as lieutenant to Ethan Zobelle, the leader of the League of American Nationalists, Jason, unlike Weston, is not a "true believer" of Weston's white supremacy beliefs, and is willing to put money before race. Playing a recurring role through the same season, he met his demise in the Season 2 episode "The Culling".




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"Albification" "Small Tears" "Fix" "Eureka" "Smite"
"Falx Cerebri" "Gilead" "Potlatch" "Fa Guan" "Balm"
"Service" "The Culling" "Na Trioblóidí"