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Janet Honeyhill is a police officer in Lincoln, Oregon, in Sons of Anarchy:The Prospect, a mobile gaming experience created to complement the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Voiced by American actress Dianne Michelle, Janet is a family friend of Clint and Roger Lancet, and makes her debut in the game's first episode, "Into the Breach".



Janet Honeyhill is a police officer in the town of Lincoln, Oregon. She was best friends with Jolly Roger's wife and friends with the Lancet family. She raised Clint for two years with her granddaughter Terri after Jolly Roger was sent to prison. She raised her granddaughter Terra as her mother was a junkie living in Los Angeles and kept her from doing stupid stuff by taking her on ride-a-longs. She is known to look in on Roger and Clint and doesn't like the Sons bothering Roger. She especially doesn't like Tig Trager calling him a psycho.

Episode 1:Into the BreachEdit

Honeyhill is first seen in the prologue running a roadblock as SAMLIN take a traitor up to the Rock to be killed. Three years earlier she is watches Duke, Jackoff, and Tig talking with Clint in front of his house. Tig distracts her as Clint gives Duke their dad's 1911. She later comes back with her granddaughter and gets power for the house after it was cut off and Clint tried stealing the neighbors. She asks Clint what Duke wanted and Clint can lie or tell her the truth about the gun. She leaves a care package for Roger and Clint including a joint and rent money.