"Issue 6" is the sixth story of "Sons of Anarchy", the first of two comic book series created to complement the FX original series Sons of Anarchy.


The Sons of Anarchy have no where to run, and the Ghost Brothers have every upper hand. With the very status of the club at stake, and the memory of his dead daughter still achingly fresh, Tig must find a way to protect Kendra and protect the club...but for once, those aims may be at odds.


To Be Added



  • Charlie - Neck broken by Happy.
  • Teddy - Accidentally shot by unnamed hired gunmen.
  • Multiple unnamed hired gunmen - Shot by Chibs, Happy or Quon.
  • Jack Stacy - Shot in the head by Chibs.
  • Griggs - Shot by Lin.
  • Quon Ghost - Shot in the head by Kendra.