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Sons of Anarchy by lonesomedrifter Icon-computer This article is not part of the Sons of Anarchy Television Series.

This article covers a subject or facts that are not part of the Sons of Anarchy television show, but instead are a part of the Sons of Anarchy Universe found outside of the series: either found online, in comics, on Youtube, on DVD Extras, etc.

"Issue 2" is the second story of "Sons of Anarchy", the first of two comic book series created to complement the FX original series Sons of Anarchy.


With the Ghost Brothers hot on her tail and no one left to turn to after the death of her uncle, Kozik, Kendra finds the only person in the world left who might help her: Tig Trager. But Tig answers to SAMCRO, and SAMCRO just might answer to a higher power...that wants Kendra six feet under.


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  • John Gorski - Shot in the head by a Mayan soldier.
  • Numerous unnamed Mayans - Shot or beaten to death by SAMCRO members.
  • Two unnamed members of SAMCRO - Killed by Mayan soldiers.
  • Tonya - Killed by Macon on Griggs' orders.