Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Indian Hills, is a charter of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Originally known as The Devil's Tribe, it became part of Sons of Anarchy MC in 2008 via patch over. Although the Tribe had eighteen members, only thirteen stayed on to join. Jury White served as President, until his death at Jax Teller's hands in 2014, at which point the position was taken over by Gaines.



Running security for strip clubs.

Muling into Mexico for Vegas Triads.



  • Gaines - President; Former Vice President
  • Mickey - Vice President
  • At least four other members
    • Four members are seen going to ambush the Lin Triad with Jury and SAMCRO.


  • Unnamed member - Killed in a shootout with the Mayans in 2008.
  • Rane Quinn - Transferred into SAMCRO in 2013.
  • Needles - Vice President; Unseen as Jury's VP in 2014, reason for absence unknown.
  • Jury White - President, killed by Jax Teller in 2014.

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