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Emily Putner
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Car crash caused by John Teller
Gender Female
Family Gary Putner - Husband
Brooke Putner - Daughter
Portrayed by Olivia Burnette

Emily Putner appears several times in Sons of Anarchy. Always when Gemma or Jax are going through an emotional decision making process.

It is only rumored that the homeless woman is Emily Putner, the mother of Brooke Putner. Emily was accidentally killed as a result of John Teller's collision with a semi-truck and trailer in 1993. Kurt Sutter has however mentioned that she is no one particular, and her existence is up to interpretation.

In the same episode, when Jax goes to talk to Gary Putner about his daughter's aggressive behavior, he sees a wedding photo of Emily with Gary. When Gary asks Jax why he's curious about it, he states that "She looks familiar". Gary then says that he has also often seen her. He also tells Jax that he has had other people come to him saying that they have seen her too.

Sutter makes it clear throughout the series that the homeless woman is Jesus Christ. She appears to offer guidance, insight, support, criticism, and foreshadowing throughout the series. Hamlet also had strong ties to religion and spirituality. Jesus comes to them in a form (Emily) that everyone ignores yet they seem to recognize so they will pay attention. He promised that we would all know, through the story itself. In her last appearance, in human form, She gives Jax her blanket and tells him that "It is time." She leaves behind the wine and bread, his Last Supper. In the final "Come Join the Murder" montage, when the truck impacts Jax, we see Jax and Jesus fly away to Heaven together, leaving behind the wine stained bread on the side of the road that they had been eating. In religion, wine is symbolic of the blood of Jesus Christ to remind us that Jesus died for our sins. The first scene of S1 Ep1, they are eating trash in road.


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