Head Russian
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Suffocated by Clay Morrow
Gender Male
Faction Russian Mafia
Portrayed by Dimitri Diatchenko

This unnamed man is a high member of the Russian Mafia in Stockton.

Season FourEdit

He's always seen next to his leader Viktor Putlova, but after he and many other members of the mafia are betrayed and killed by SAMCRO, the Head Russian becames the facto leader. They attack the Wahewa indian reserve, killing many local inhabitants and kidnap Jax Teller, till Galindo Cartel arrives and free him. He's captured by the Wahewa tribe and executed by burying him and being eaten by fire ants. Clay Morrow and Bobby Munson. Clay Morrow suffocates him after he overhears them discussing sensitive business matters.

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