Harold Perrineau
Character Damon Pope
Birthday August 7, 1963
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York, USA
Appearances Damon Pope - List of Appearances

Harold Perrineau, born August 7, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York, USA, is an actor. He plays Damon Pope in Sons of Anarchy. He is a special guest star in the fifth season. He starred in Lost and Oz (with Chuck Zito)

Other Sons of Anarchy Actors that Previously Appeared in Lost are Anthony Azizi, Jon Gries, Kim Dickens, Katey Sagal, Brian Goodman, Titus Welliver, Kevin Chapman, Robin Weigert, Paula Malcolmson, Tim de Zarn, Robert Patrick, Keir O'Donnell, Theo Rossi, Cleo King, Dan Hildebrand, Ivo Nandi, Kavita Patil, Kimberly Estrada, Lobo Sebastian, and Jeff Kober.

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