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Season SevenEdit

Gib O'Leary was a goon hired by the Sons alongside his partner Renny in their assault to the Chinese in order to retrieve their guns and heroin. They both claimed to have had a lot of fun in the assault, and showed little professionalism in their services.

After Lin's hearing of the attack, the Sons needed someone to blame for the assault, so they set Gib and Renny up and murdered them, then changed the scene to make it look that they were the only ones responsible for the assault.

Later on, Jury found Gib's body and it's revealed (from his mourning) that he had an emotional relationship with him. He notices his own shotgun (which he left with the other guns) and realizes that the Sons killed "Gibby".

It is confirmed in "The Separation of Crows" that Gib is the son of Renee O'Leary Egan and Jury White.

Season 7 appearances
"Black Widower" "Toil and Till" "Playing with Monsters" "Poor Little Lambs" "Some Strange Eruption"
"Smoke 'em if You Got 'em" "Greensleeves" "The Separation of Crows" "What a Piece of Work is Man" "Faith and Despondency"
"Suits of Woe" "Red Rose" "Papa's Goods"

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