Georgie Caruso
Georgie 411
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Shot by Opie Winston and Tig Trager
Gender Male
Faction Caruso Productions
Portrayed by Tom Arnold

Georgie Caruso was a rival to Luann Delaney in the pornography business.


Season TwoEdit

Caruso was a scumbag who took advantage of Luann's legal troubles to steal away her performers. He physically abused and threatened the performers to keep them from leaving. SAMCRO threatened Caruso and, for a time, he backed off. Later in the season, Luann's new studio was broken into in the episode "Potlatch." Sex tapes and expensive equipment were stolen and the guard dog was found dead and mutilated. All evidence pointed to Caruso so Jax, Bobby and Opie paid him a visit. They found and retrieved Luann's belongings but not before threatening Caruso and destroying his laptop. Later, Charming police found Luann Delaney on the side of the road, apparently beaten to death. It is implied that Georgie Caruso was involved. Soon after Luann's death, Half-Sack said Georgie and his crew skipped town and fled the country to go to Thailand to "recruit" new talent.

Season FourEdit

Georgie has started a new business making lifelike sex dolls. The Club tries to reach out to him after Otto is presented tests by Lincoln Potter regarding Luann's involvement with Bobby.  Otto demands Georgie be killed for Luann's death and he is captured and about to be killed, but pleading for his life, he claims he has billionaire Asian contacts, which sparks Clay's interest for a potential way to end Jacob Hale's investment plan.  Later it is discovered Georgie went back on his word about the fake investment and he is stuffed in the trunk of his car by Opie, Tig, and Bobby.  After finally admitting he was responsible for killing Luann, Bobby shuts the trunk door as Tig and Opie execute him by firing rounds into the trunk of his own car.

Murders CommittedEdit


Season 2 appearances
"Albification" "Small Tears" "Fix" "Eureka" "Smite"
"Falx Cerebri" "Gilead" "Potlatch" "Fa Guan" "Balm"
"Service" "The Culling" "Na Trioblóidí"
Season 4 appearances
"Out" "Booster" "Dorylus" "Una Venta" "Brick"
"With An X" "Fruit For The Crows" "Family Recipe" "Kiss" "Hands"
"Call of Duty" "Burnt and Purged Away" "To Be, Act 1" "To Be, Act 2"
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