Fiona Larkin
Fiona 309
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Gender Female
Spouse(s) Chibs Telford - Estranged Husband
Jimmy O'Phelan - Husband †
Kerrianne Larkin-Telford - Daughter
Faction True IRA
Portrayed by Bellina Logan
"You ever try to fetch me and Kerri again and I swear on my Catholic god I will fill your thick Irish skull with bullets!"
―Fiona threatening Jimmy

Fiona Larkin is Chibs' estranged wife who was introduced in Season 2. Fiona first appeared at Chibs' bedside when he was hospitalized after nearly being killed by a car bomb. Fiona's presence instantly made it clear to the Sons that IRA member Jimmy O'Phelan was in Charming and that Chibs' life was in danger. Fiona is described by Agent Stahl  to be 3rd generation IRA.  It was revealed that years before, Jimmy O'Phelan ran Chibs out of the IRA back in Belfast and subsequently married Fiona and adopted Chibs' daughter. The reason for Chibs' exile from the IRA is never revealed.


As a True IRA member, Fiona is very dangerous. Gemma Teller Morrow, a tough old lady herself, stated that Fiona is one of the only three women she fears, also describing her as "an Irish bitch". Fiona wants to protect her daughter more than anything in the world.


Season 2 appearances
"Albification" "Small Tears" "Fix" "Eureka" "Smite"
"Falx Cerebri" "Gilead" "Potlatch" "Fa Guan" "Balm"
"Service" "The Culling" "Na Trioblóidí"
Season 3 appearances
"SO" "Oiled" "Caregiver" "Home" "Turning and Turning"
"The Push" "Widening Gyre" "Lochán Mór" "Turas" "Fírinne"
"Bainne" "June Wedding" "NS"
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