Fawn Trager
Fawn 502
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Gender Female
Family Tig Trager (father)
Colleen Trager (mother)
Dawn Trager (sister, deceased)
Portrayed by Lexi Sakowitz

Fawn Trager is the daughter of Tig Trager.

Season 5Edit

Fawn first appears in the Season 5 episode, Authority Vested. Tig goes to her house to find her, and after hearing her screams, rushes in and attacks the man having sex with her. However, it turns out the man was her boyfriend. After Tig explains she needs to go to a safe place, she asks what Tig will do with Dawn Trager, and finds out that her sister is dead. She becomes upset, and tells Tig that she hates him. Afterwards, Jax gives her boyfriend Raymun money and tells him that if he loves her, he will pack her bags and take her out of the city so she will be safe.


Season 5 appearances
"Sovereign" "Authority Vested" "Laying Pipe" "Stolen Huffy" "Orca Shrugged"
"Small World" "Toad's Wild Ride" "Ablation" "Andare Pescare" "Crucifixed"
"To Thine Own Self" "Darthy" "J'ai Obtenu Cette"
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