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Eric Miles
Miles 406
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Shot in the face by Juice Ortiz
Gender Male
Marital Status Single
Faction Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club
Title Soldier
Club Status Inactive
Portrayed by Frank Potter
"Dude, you re-use condoms."
―Miles toward Happy

Eric Miles was one of the three new prospects taken on after the death of Half Sack. He later becomes a full-patched member of SAMCRO, but the patch is stripped after he is framed by Juice for stealing the cocaine.


Season ThreeEdit

According to Tig, Miles and fellow prospect Phil spent a night building a play structure at the clubhouse, presumably for Abel to play on when he gets older.

Miles and the other prospect are later tasked with delivering a letter to Gemma and Tara.

Season FourEdit


Miles being shot to death by Juice.

Miles got patched into SAMCRO after Clay and the others went into Stockton State Prison‏‎. Miles was waiting with SAMCRO outside the prison as the other members were released. In "Dorylus", the club was taking the vote if they wanted to run drugs and when Opie said to Jax that he has his vote and Miles', too, it could mean that Miles and Opie are close friends or that Opie could've been Miles' sponsor to get into the club.

In the 6th episode, Miles discovered that Juice was the one who stole the cocaine from a deal between SAMCRO, the Galindo Cartel, and the Mayans. Trying to stop him, he is shot dead by Juice.  Juice then frames Miles for the theft and convinces the whole charter that Miles is the "lying bitch".

Miles is buried with no patch by Happy and the prospects. However, Chibs has doubts about Miles being the thief.


  • Miles was the first full patch member of SAMCRO to be killed during the series. Prior to his death, Half Sack died in season two, but he was just a prospect on the verge of joining.
  • Miles was also the first living prospect to be patched into the club during the series. Half Sack Epps was posthumously made a full patch member of SAMCRO.


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