Emma Jean is a high class escort working for Nero Padilla on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actress Ashley Tisdale, Emma makes her debut on the episode "Laying Pipe" in the series' fifth season. She appears once more, on the subsequent episode, "Stolen Huffy", in the same season.



Emma Jean is a high class escort working for Nero Padilla at Diosa International.

Season 5Edit

"Laying Pipe"Edit

She is first seen in his agency waiting on Nero to arrange her schedule, then gets involved with Clay when he arrives at the agency looking around. She is then assaulted by Gemma until Nero and other SAMCRO members separate the two. ("Laying Pipe")

"Stolen Huffy"Edit

When all of the girls are busted by the sheriff's, Emma is believed to be the one behind it due to the assault. Nero sends Jax and the Sons to her hotel room to help her flee before Nero's crew off her, but Carla tips off Fiasco. Jax manages to convince Fiasco that they are also there to kill Emma, and as proof, they will bring a thumb and a "tiny tit" to show the deed is done. Nero helps Emma flee safely. ("Stolen Huffy")


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