Emily Putner
Emily Putner
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Car crash caused by John Teller
Gender Female
Family Gary Putner - Husband
Brooke Putner - Daughter
Portrayed by None

Emily Putner is the wife of Gary Putner and the mother of Brooke Putner. She was killed in a car crash that was caused by John Teller.


Season SixEdit

When Jax Teller goes to talk to Gary about his daughter's aggressive behavior, he sees a wedding photo of Emily with Gary. When Gary asks Jax why he's curious about it, he states that "She looks familiar". Gary then says that he has also often seen her. He also tells Jax that he has had other people come to him saying that they have seen her too. ("John 8:32")


  • It is possible that she is the Homeless Woman, but it is not confirmed.

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