Edgar was the Sargent at Arms for the Calaveras Motorcycle Club on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actor Louis De La Costa, Edgar met his demise during his only appearance, on the episode "Widening Gyre" in the series' third season.



Edgar was the Sgt. at Arms of the Calaveras MC under Hector Salazar.

Season 3Edit

"Widening Gyre"Edit

Edgar was at a race and rally with his club and the Mayans when he was taken to the Men's Bathroom by the Mayans, SAMCRO, and the Grim Bastards after finding the Grim Bastards Vice President Lander Jackson shot to death. Hecter fingered him as the one who killed Lander. T.O. whipped out his pistol and shot him in the head. He was left on the floor of the bathroom.

Murders CommittedEdit


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