East Dub is an Oakland-based street gang on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Making their debut in the series' fifth season, they run under the purview of Damon Pope, later by August Marks, and are last seen in the series' seventh, and final, season.


Season 5Edit

When Damon Pope declares a vendetta against SAMCRO, East Dub is one of the gangs August Marks tasks with hunting them down, though they are unsuccessful.

Later, the San Joaquin County Sheriff Department suspects East Dub is behind a series of home invasions in Charming after two of them are found in a van full of stolen goods and arrested. A search of one of their apartment also turns up a large quantity of stolen items. After being taken to jail, they attack one of the deputies, which nets them criminal charges. After Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt’s wife Rita is killed in another home invasion, he believes it was retaliation from East Dub, a notion which SAMCRO member Clay Morrow, the real culprit behind the attacks, latches onto as a cover.

Season 7Edit

Some of the East Dub crew run several of the Grim Bastards off the road, killing Darker Dan and badly wounding two prospects. SAMCRO and the Bastards track down Flint to get information about the attack. When he proves unwilling to be of assistance, they strap his wheelchair to the back of a bike and drag him down the road. He reveals that Dulain was responsible. Afterwards, Flint, recuperating in the V.A. hospital, gives the heads up to Dulain, who flees.

August Marks has a meeting with East Dub and the One-Niners to begin a war against the Sons of Anarchy. He plans to use East Dub to take out their support, the Grim Bastards.

Tyler Yost, the Niners leader secretly allied with SAMCRO, locates Dulain and informs the Sons and the Bastards. The Bastards open fire on Dulain’s house, killing two of his crew. Then the Bastards chase them into an ambush with the Sons and the Oakland and Stockton charters of the Mayans Motorcycle Club. Bastards President T.O. Cross shoots Dulain in the head, and the rest of his crew are massacred. SAMCRO uses their bodies to earn the trust of Aryan Brotherhood member Leland Gruen, then dump the bodies outside of Marks’ construction site.

Known MembersEdit



  • 6 unnamed members - Killed by SAMCRO, the Grim Bastards, and the Mayans
  • Dulain - Former leader; killed by T.O. Cross
  • 2 unnamed members - Killed by the Grim Bastards and the Mayans